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It’s time to rethink development for your business. Here’s why…

For many companies developing software, they have experienced long development times and budget blow-outs. These risks typically result in businesses only selecting the most strategic applications to be developed. Traditional software development is expensive and slow, so it impacts on decisions to build or rent key software in an organisation. The impacts on how a business fulfills strategic and tactical software needs can have immeasurable impact. Particularly if choices result in unknown compromises or semi-informed trade-offs resulting in less desirable software that’s perceived to be better because it’s affordable.

In 2019 there are mature, clever alternative ways to approach software development other than 100% traditional coding or adopting compromised off-the-shelf software options.

Imagine a world where;

  1. Your development speed for custom software development is 2-4 times that of 100% traditional development. What you could achieve yesterday in 4 months could now be 4 weeks, or what was 12 months development could be 4-6 months. Time to value is measured in days and weeks not months and years.

  2. Because of the speed increase in development the economics change. Making the cost for more tactical everyday initiatives possible as well as the higher priority strategic initiatives. Meaning you don’t make ‘compromised’ software decisions and adopt an off-the-shelf software solution that’s too generic because it’s affordable versus the desired custom option your organisation really wanted. You can get what you need without compromise.

  3. You’re app code refreshes itself each year to be the very latest. Reducing your technical debt challenges and definition of legacy system.

  4. Your business can make near real-time tactical changes to your apps sitting with a developer in workshop sessions where those tactical changes are implemented into production that very same day.

We now live in a world where businesses can receive the benefits listed above using enterprise low-code development. This isn’t anything new either. There’s a mature global market of businesses with vast use cases of successful enterprise low-code development. And if you’re not adopting or seriously considering enterprise low-code development, let’s hope that’s also what your competitors are doing.

If you’re skeptical of these benefits or stuck in a world where the “last time I looked’ at this technology only a few years ago it couldn’t deliver these benefits, then you need to see just how far this technology has progressed. The Experieco team run regular demonstrations and events to showcase what’s possible. Talk to us to organise a one-on-one demo or attend one of our scheduled demo events.

Contact Experieco to find out how OutSystems can help transform your business. Email or call +64 9 376 9547


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