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How enterprise low-code is enabling the more courageous executive

Great management and executives recognize that disruptive ideas and the resulting applications don’t just arrive on your desk with a slick installer. Disruptive applications are more likely to appear within an organisation without fanfare or announcement. Courageous ideas come from executives enabling an organisation to try new things, learn and pivot if necessary. A culture and curiosity to seek out what’s possible, to excite and improve customers’ experiences, to innovate with new operational processes and to remove the choke-hold legacy systems can have on a business.

To support the courageous executive and company, Experieco coupled with OutSystems enterprise low-code technology has developed a highly skilled digital factory to convert and deliver ideas into reality. To make it possible to try new ideas quickly, learn and modify following Lean start-up principles.

What Experieco’s enterprise low-code digital factory can help the courageous executive with:

Digital Experiences

Tackling what customers experience digitally. The typical solutions are customer mobile apps, customer portals and business portals including field operations apps. Building digital experiences effectively requires rapid prototyping and development, pixel perfect design, massive scalability and security including online/offline data. Additionally, the right tools to measure your digital experiences are instrumental so you have insights for continuous improvement.

Digital Operations

These are the applications within your business that support your staff and internal systems. The goal here is to replace what is cobbled together, what relies on manual efforts, email, spreadsheets and so forth. The typical solutions are dashboards, workflows, web portals, mobile applications, and small to medium sized database apps. Digital Operations’ needs include the rapid development of mobile and responsive web apps, simple digital forms and workflows, fast integration with systems or records, rapid change capability and built-in productivity insights.

Digital Core

Dealing with ageing systems that are a choke-hold on delivering the desired tactical and strategic customer experiences and digital operations. An Experieco and OutSystems digital factory can free up layers of these ageing systems that are creating issues and enabling them to become configurable and more flexible to remove the impediments that drive great customer experiences, cost efficiencies and competitive advantage.

Contact Experieco to find out how OutSystems can help transform your business. Email or call +64 9 376 9547


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