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Experieco Business Speed Series

The need for businesses to continue to evolve their systems capability to remain relevant and competitive is more important than ever. Furthermore, the required speed of change is only accelerating.


Experieco has produced a series of five insight papers examining how application development and integration has dramatically changed to support the increasing need for agile change.

Across industries, organizations are accelerating digital transformation processes for long-term growth and profitability. Yet many organisations struggle to keep up with the required pace of change to processes, systems and culture in the face of this digital challenge, and thus their digital transformation readiness is uncertain.

But what are the leading technologies, approaches and skills required to succeed?

The Experieco Business Speed Series is based on our real world expertise and experience gained from implementing many successful digital business initiatives using the latest generation of application and integration platforms.

CIOs, IT leaders and Line of Business Leaders can avoid common pitfalls and lead smart, effective digital transformation programs by following these best practices.

Download this free Series to help you:

  • Understand new platform capabilities and how they can deliver your business outcomes

  • Identify key approaches to save time and improve execution

  • Gain insights and perspective on adopting a digital business culture


Experieco Business Speed Series - Individual Articles


#1. Economics and speed of
developing custom software
has radically changed


#2. PACE layered application model.
This will radically change your
delivery speed


#3. The power of Application Development Platforms (OutSystems) and Integration Platforms (Workato) working together to deliver radical digital speed


#4. How application development platforms (OutSystems) and Workato (iPaaS) are being used in businesses


#5. Insights for Manufacturers on common technology challenges that enterprise low-code solutions are solving for them.

#6. The world of low-code. The differences between OutSystems and MS PowerApps and how they compliment each other


Application Modernisation


Build modern applications
on AWS


Handling Technical Debt with OutSystems


Legacy Modernization: Finding Your Way With Low-Code


The Growing Threat of Technical Debt


How Low-Code Can Supercharge Application Development

Integration and Automation


The Role of Financial Automation in High-Growth Companies


Everything You Need to Know About RevOps


Intelligent Automation for Human Resources


Transformative Power
of Workato


The Only Advanced Salesforce Integrations Book You’ll Ever Need

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