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Our Portfolio

  • Core Operational Systems for work creation, costing, scheduling, dispatch and fulfillment

  • Field Services / Workforce Management

  • Mobile Applications

  • Portals

  • Integration and Automation

  • Application Modernisation

  • COTS Product Development

  • Digital Transformation / Customer Experience

  • ERP Augmentation

NZ AA Motoring Services App

This brief was to build a mobile app to replace an ageing native mobile app. It was built to be used by AA's 1.6 million members. The web app uses Cordova technology as a hybrid wrapper. This meant it could be available in both the Apple and Android marketplaces and proactively sent to members via a URL address in a text or email. This made it significantly more flexible than a pure native mobile app. 

NZ AA Car Dealership Portal

A highly secure web-based portal for AA's vehicle dealership partners to automate transactions and services between each other and improve on a manual user experience. The application has rich features such as drag and drops functionality for partners to update records by dragging excel spreadsheet data into the portal.

NRMA Service Technician App

A hybrid mobile tablet application built for NRMA's field Service Technicians for complex job management. The application has sophisticated features and functionality to optimise resource management in conjunction with their backend workforce management solution. 

NRMA Workforce Management Solution

Experieco built and supports the software that manages all incoming service calls and dispatch services within NRMA in Australia. We have proudly supported the NRMA for over 10 years

AA Travel App

This hybrid mobile app was built to replace an old native mobile app for the AAs 1.6 million membership base. The objective was to improve and modernise the user experience using the latest web app technologies. By doing so, the app can now be downloaded via Apple and Android marketplaces as well as proactively sent to members in Service and Sales initiatives via a URL address in a text or email making. This made it significantly more flexible than a pure native mobile app.

AA Workforce Management Solution

Experieco built and supported the core workforce management solution that services over 1.5 million AA members across New Zealand. From the moment you lodge a service request to the minute you are safely back on the road, Experieco built and maintains the software that helps make it all possible.

Broadspectrum Workforce Management Solution

Experieco built and supports the field service application responsible for managing all field related tasks across Broadspectrum's mobile workforce.

Chorus Reporting Dashboard

Experieco built and supports a dashboard that is used to view and track all recorded faults across Chorus. This dashboard allows Chorus to drill down into each fault from a single dashboard and enables cost and time savings across the business.

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