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Cloud Development Services

Building new, or modernising older applications is what Experieco has done for decades. We have 30+ people locally across NZ and Australia skilled in building Cloud or Cloud Native applications as well as applications on Modern Development Platforms hosted on AWS. This is complemented by another 200 outsourced developers allowing us to scale for larger projects or support agreements.

Developing Cloud or Cloud Native applications on AWS or Azure enables faster build and deployment outcomes compared to building on virtualised server environments alone. This provides access to an ever-growing number of micro services and DevOps tools to accelerate outcomes and augment a rapid agile development methodology.

Experieco has designed, architected, built, and maintained a number of progressive web and mobile applications on cloud for enterprise customers.  Our team has experience developing on both AWS and Azure cloud environments, using either our DevOps tools or yours.

Experieco invested into its automated DevOps toolsets in the cloud, augmented by test automation tooling and agile delivery methodologies. Our customers benefit from these investments to accelerate high quality delivery.

Experieco Advisory Services team can assess your circumstances and technology environments to make fact-based recommendations to support your optimal application development approach and enabling technology. These consider:


Your immediate need as well as future requirements.


Likely frequency of change to your applications


Likely UI/UX design considerations


Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) considerations


Time to value


Maturity of your organisation to build and maintain applications


Market pressures

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