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Portals Connecting Customers, Suppliers and Employees

Many businesses have older systems that weren’t built with a modern digital world in mind and want to augment these with a modern digital experience for their customers, suppliers and employees. 

Digital portals can provide faster access to valuable data and enable self-service operations to minimise your in-house administrative workload. Portals can be a crucial part of enhancing performance and the experience for customers to make it easier for them to do business with you.

Portals can enable customers to access via web or mobile, authorised information such as invoices, product catalogues, historical purchase information, recommended products, active stock on hand information, real time delivery data, making payments, accessing reporting and much more. This enhanced access and experience increases sales and customer retention while also reducing customer service and administrative costs.

Supplier portals can provide similar functionality to streamline supply chain operations, improve sales forecasting and collaboration leading to reduction in supply costs and lead times.


Employee portals can provide staff secure access to key HR data, rostering and scheduling, safety and wellbeing and a range of digital services for your employees.

Experieco has developed numerous portals for our clients supporting enhanced operations for their connected ecosystem. These portals are designed to optimise the end user experience and can be rapidly implemented and enhanced to accommodate the digital self-service capabilities of value to you.

We can also provide additional systems automation and integration capability to extend the value of your Portals with the rest of your business.

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