Application Modernisation

Application Modernisation

Modernise your exsting applications to leverage the asset you’ve invested in and deliver greater agility.

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Do your applications meet your current and emerging business requirements?

Or were they built based on past business objectives? Many businesses continue to struggle on with applications ‘as-is’, which can hold them back from working smarter, faster and more effectively. Experieco’s approach to Application Modernisation enables you to ensure that capabilities of your applications are in sync with both your current and future business requirements. With established methodologies and a range of different technology approaches we can help modernise your applications, making them more agile and responsive to industry needs, while protecting your existing investments.

Modernising applications

Modernising legacy systems – both small or large

Modernising legacy systems can mean a range of things for different organisations. It’s not lift and shift into the cloud though. Modernisation usually ends up in the cloud, however it addresses where legacy systems can be modified to address the business outcomes of the future. This could be delivering new products and services better, improved user experiences, API architectures enabling better system connectivity to other core systems, leveraging cloud micro-services, mobilising core systems, introducing AI, harnessing big data more or speeding up the time to value for incremental changes.

Spreadsheets do not scale and aren’t suitable for critical systems

Most organisations have a range of spreadsheets performing both non-critical and critical functions throughout an enterprise. These have often been built as workarounds for speedy results, however present inefficiencies and risks to an organisation. Identifying what spreadsheets perform critical functions both directly and indirectly and the right approaches and technologies to turn these into proper systems cost effectively is where Experieco can help.

New custom systems when off the shelf do not suit your business

Organisations don’t start out wanting to undertake large customisations to off the shelf applications. But it seems to happen regularly. Often with different scope and customisations being presented over time from different divisions. If this is a likelihood for any of your critical systems then the Experieco team can help you identify this early and suggest alternative approaches that are more suitable. Systems designed and built for change.

Why modernise?

  • Increase efficiency 

  • Stabilise legacy systems

  • Reduce maintenance costs

  • Improve user experience

  • Avoid legacy skill dependencies

  • Reduce user training costs 

  • Make systems more scalable

  • Enhance security

  • Reduce data centre costs

  • Improve speed of change

  • Lower costs of change

  • Easier to deliver new services or products

  • Mobilise systems Automate more functions