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Modernising Applications - Rebuild

If your businesses strategy requires unique digital capability that can’t be achieved by the right level of configuration and modification of a COTS solution it may make sense to rebuild part or all of an existing application using more modern technologies. 


The Experieco team can assess the merits of a rebuild approach including factors such as modern integration and automation along with the suitability of cloud services (Azure or AWS) and a low-code modern development platform to support an accelerated rebuild approach.

Our team have a very pragmatic approach to rebuilding application/s through consultation with your business. We can develop a project roadmap to deliver  projects executed in phases, for a partial or complete rebuild while also minimising disruption to your business during the transition.   Experieco have an eye on accelerating your business outcomes and are conscious of the time to value any rebuild option needs to deliver to meet your commercial and service objectives while minimising risk.


Legacy Modernization: - Insights on Rebuilding applications with OutSystems Low-Code Platform

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