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Optimise your Field Services Operations

Field Services

In today’s digital-first world, your field services solution is often integral to delivering a differentiated capability for your customers or to help meet stringent partner SLA's.

The systems you use, help you deliver the services you need in a manner that meets these requirements as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.


Best-in-class field service organisations ensure a consistent and dependable customer experience by optimising jobs and work orders. This spans creation through scheduling and dispatch to interaction with your field force and third parties for fulfillment.


Experieco has over 20 years’ experience in end-to-end Field Service solution implementations incorporating high levels of complexity and tailored to customers requirements. From development of full custom solutions to configuration and enhancement of package solutions, Experieco can optimise your field service operations.

Experieco Packaged Field Service Solution – Tailored for your Operations

Experieco has built an end-to-end solution for field services on OutSystems, a low-code modern development platform. This helps businesses requiring quick customisations deliver initial unique capability and on-going enhancements. This technology platform is designed for rapid custom changes.

Experieco Field Services Management Expertise

Field Service Applications Context

Experieco has domain expertise in all these areas for package configuration and customisation to new modules or system development.


Our Field Service (FS) solutions provide capability across call taker, dispatch, auto-dispatch, resource optimisation, map integration, complex core system and ERP integrations and mobile field applications. Our experience encompasses purpose-built custom solutions, Experieco’s standard packaged FS application (built on enterprise low-code) as well as capability to implement and enhance MS Dynamics and Salesforce FS solutions.


We are focused on delivering flexible solutions for our customers that improve the ability to deliver exceptional differentiated services, as well as capture rich data to make incremental operational efficiency gains. 


We can advise you on the optimal application approach and technology taking into account your existing solutions, functional and business requirements and strategic goals.

Microsoft Dynamics for Field Services

Experieco specialises in implementing MS Dynamics field service applications that can be configured to your business needs. Experieco can further tailor the standard Dynamics application to meet your specific custom requirements with modular web and mobile applications as well as leveraging the suite of Microsoft cloud services. This allows our clients to further improve operational efficiency and lower costs.


Faster Integration and Automation

The best-of-breed applications that enable rapid delivery of business-critical functions rely on different systems talking to one another. Newer integration platform technologies speed up integration and process automation by 60% or more compared to traditional point-to-point integration technology. These platforms also support a much broader range of process automation capabilities than previously possible, helping to improve business performance and reduce costs. You can leverage Experieco’s expertise with these solutions to rapidly implement these capabilities.

Automate Finance, HR and Other Processes Supporting your Field Services Operations

Finance and HR teams are often resource constrained and may benefit from automation of routine tasks.  Automating processes across these and other functions with intelligent workflow can drive efficiencies and free up people to work on higher value tasks. Importantly, automation can enhance data integrity and speed up access to reporting and business intelligence enabling faster critical business decisions. Experieco helps deliver automation solutions that are built on your technology stack of choice.


Self-Service Portals

Digital portals can provide faster access to valuable data and enable self-service operations to minimise your in-house administrative workload. Portals can be a crucial part of enhancing performance and the experience for customers and suppliers. Experieco has developed numerous portals for our clients supporting enhanced operations for suppliers, employees and customers. These portals are designed to optimise the end user experience and can be rapidly implemented and enhanced to accomodate the digital self-service capabilities of value to you.

Secure Identity Management

A security solution is crucial when you have multiple identity management access scenarios across your systems. Experieco can help your team set up and deploy AuthO to enable secure, flexible, and easy to manage system access.

Enable Data Driven Operations

Data is regularly referred to as the new gold. But unlocking that data isn’t always easy. Experieco can help you remove barriers and securely access data, providing value to your business and insights that drive better decision-making.

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