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How Microsoft Solutions

can transform your business

Accelerating Business Outcomes with Microsoft

Many organisations have a deep investment into Microsoft technologies and are always looking to harness the technology more to deliver better business outcomes, faster. Experieco has been a Microsoft partner for many years with a strong team experienced in building and integrating both on-premise applications, Dynamics, through to Microsoft cloud services.  Below are just some of the key areas our team can help your organisation.

Omni channel experiences

Irrespective of what devices and where a customer reaches out to connect with your organisation you want a rich and consistent customer experience.  You want it to be designed well, built on the right technologies so you can easily make enhancements, integrate easily with other systems all to keep your competitive advantage.

Intelligence led experiences

With Microsoft cognitive services you can harness your data capturing customer behaviours across your organisation and turn that into better customer experiences. Presenting more relevant products and service experiences to match their demographic.


Process automation

Automate processes to deliver competitive advantage, operational efficiency and employee satisfaction or to remove cost.  Even the most complex processes can be automated, harnessing AI tools to help in the process.  Whether it’s a basic process needing to be automated, case management or a highly complex process between systems our team can help.

Integrated Applications

With a modern application architecture harnessing micro-services you get great flexibility and agility across your organisation.  Leverage Microsoft cloud based integration tools to ensure your applications can easily access the data you need to.


Focus on delivering the high value components of your I.o.T initiative leveraging pre-built capability and integrations. Talk to our team to find out more.

Integrated ERP & CRM Systems

Harness the power of a common data model when both your Dynamics ERP and CRM Systems can leverage a plethora of cloud tools and services to speed up and simplify surfacing data for insights, automating processes, harnessing cognitive services or accelerating the build of applications. 

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