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Modernising Applications - Encapsulate the Core

There are good reasons to explore whether an existing application and all the IP associated with it can be leveraged when you are considering your modernisation options.  After all, custom applications have often been designed and enhanced over long periods of time to meet specific business requirements and can be rich with functional capability, albeit constrained by older coding languages, technology elements and architectures.

The team at Experieco can look at ways to harness an older application, phasing its modernisation to cloud services (AWS or Azure) or a low-code modern development platform all whilst de-risking the systems change for a company.  We often find that the backend core of the application which provides high volume transaction processing is effective and efficient and still fit for purpose, however middleware and front end applications no longer meet the needs of the business.

A modernisation approach of’ ‘encapsulating the core’   may involve incorporating a modern API layer or platform to improve integration with new services and facilitate a replacement of the User Interface (UI) layer with a modern architecture. This ‘’resurfacing’’ of the UI layer when combined with a modern User Experience and workflow automation can digitise and automate your customer journey and operations. Depending on the selected approach, risks and dependencies, modernisation options can consider whether a full frontend only experience can be rebuilt or ‘slices’ of the backend also need to be rebuilt in initial phases. 

Our team typically undertakes discovery of your core system to understand sufficient detail of what the architecture and constraints are, covering the coding languages, heat maps of active to non-active code, integrations, API designs/constraints, application architecture, database design/schema issues and much more. From this analysis, we present our customers with insightful options to modernise, leveraging existing components.

Modernisation, supported by strategy and agility



What’s the health of the application? What competing events, strategy or constraints are influencing the future of the estate? We deliver fast, efficient engagements to illuminate a way forward.



No need to start from scratch to innovate, plan for emergent requirements and innovation within your modernised business-critical application.



Your systems already deliver important business value. We leverage and maximise the re-use of your existing investment, surfacing undiscovered value and innovate within the existing estate.



Exploit cloud capabilities to deliver real business value. Improve the elasticity of your estate to optimise your budget without sacrificing service reliability.



Quickly move application estates to the cloud with proven, repeatable, best-practice approaches to migration.



Share or delegate risk and operational responsibility to a partner with an outstanding track record of supporting critical and non-critical systems, large and small.

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