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Experieco has been awarded OutSystems New Zealand Partner of the Year for 2019!

Experieco has invested significantly over the last couple of years in world leading technology that disrupts traditional software development and helps accelerate digital transformation for businesses. The quality of our clients and the types of projects we deliver across customer digital experiences, process automation and core systems are still the same, but the way in which we deliver them (at speed and at a much lower cost) has changed.

Experieco adopted OutSystems as an enterprise low-code solution after we had invested and built our own technology and discovered firsthand the benefits of rapid application development. With the Experieco low-code platform we were quickly able to prototype and build customer facing application with our clients and deliver value faster than ever before. Through building our own platform we experienced just how powerful low-code was for our customers. Our own platform was limited though, so we started to look for the best low-code product on the global market. After a significant amount of due diligence Experieco settled on OutSystems, the leader in general and mobile low-code application development according to both Gartner and Forrester Research.

The timing was great to start our partnership. OutSystems was already a large and established business having been operating for over 18 years and had just received $367m USD in Venture Capital funding to help accelerate new capabilities such as AI, as well as supporting expansion into new markets, which included New Zealand. We quickly set about upskilling our team in the technology, which included certification, internal hackathons and prototyping. Our developers became experienced in using the capabilities of a full stack platform like OutSystems to accelerate development, and explaining the value of the technology to clients at hosted corporate events and exhibiting at industry events.

2019 has seen us deliver multiple OutSystems projects for clients, as well as increasing our headcount of OutSystems certified developers to support the significant uplift in demand for the technology across enterprise organisations. New Zealand businesses simply want to do more for less, and OutSystems is perfectly positioned to help with developer scarcity and growing backlogs.

We were pretty excited to hear from Steve Oliff (ANZ Regional Director of OutSystems) that we had been awarded NZ Partner of the Year:

“OutSystems is pleased to award Experieco as the “2019 NZ Partner of the Year” for driving digital innovation in the New Zealand marketplace using the OutSystems low-code development platform.

The Experieco team has combined their expertise in consulting, designing and building core enterprise, mobile and web applications for iconic New Zealand and Australian businesses with the power of the OutSystems platform to accelerate and lower the cost of software development.

Experieco has long believed in using low-code to attack the problem facing many businesses today – the lack of speed and agility of traditional software development.

The team at Experieco continue to invest in consulting, educational events and engineering capability that offer dramatically accelerated digital transformation capability to local NZ businesses.”

From all of us at Experieco, thank you to OutSystems and our amazing clients for making this award happen. There is still a lot of work for us to do before the year end, but we’re already planning some pretty amazing things for 2020. Bring it on!

To find out more about how Experieco and OutSystems can help your organisation accelerate software development, please contact


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