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Artificial Intelligence and OutSystems enterprise low-code development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies are increasing at a rapid pace, alongside a need from organisations to be able to leverage these advanced capabilities at speed and for a reasonable price.

Part of last years’ USD$360m investment in OutSystems by KKR and Goldman Sachs is being utilised to accelerate new advancements in software automation, which includes AI.

When talking about AI and OutSystems there are two key areas; increase in software development automation, and utilising specific AI components in business applications.

OutSystems AI co-pilot:

The OutSystems wingman is an AI tool that is used in the Service Studio to accelerate application development at an even greater speed.

For each step in your application flow, OutSystems predicts your next-needed activity, recommends the most likely options, and places your chosen activity into the Service Studio for configuration. The suggestions are already 90 percent accurate and getting smarter all the time.

Now everyone can write higher-quality code in less time. If you’re new, think of it as on-the-job training with a really smart and friendly expert. If you’re a seasoned developer, this accelerates your work by 25 percent.

The Forge and AI:

The Forge, OutSystems amazing open source marketplace for prebuilt connectors and components now has AI components that make it easy to incorporate AI into applications that have been built in the OutSystems environment.

Prebuilt components include Chatbots which drive efficiency and increase customer satisfaction by automating initial interactions and equipping employees with up-to-date information by making it easy to share information and files through chat. The Language Analysis component helps you more accurately determine customer satisfaction with natural language and sentiment analysis.

New connectors and components are being built by OutSystems and the community at a rapid pace. Keep and eye on what OutSystems AI is up to here or reach out to Experieco to understand how your business can harness the power of AI and ML.

Contact Experieco to find out how OutSystems can help transform your business. Email or call +64 9 376 9547


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