Accelerating Digital Transformation with Experieco's OutSystems Practice

Experieco develops custom applications faster than ever before using model-driven development and code automation to accelerate your organisation development outcomes.

Turning software ideas into reality with speed

"It’s not the BIG that eat the small… it’s the fast beating the slow."

– Jason Jennings & Laurence Haughton

Development productivity gains come from using Outsystems coupled with our Appnivity methodology. To illustrate this below is a diagram highlighting where the productivity gains are in each stage of the software development process.


1. Design

User Story Capture Integrated into Development Process

Template driven UX/UI Design

Pre-built architecture design patterns

Template driven UX/UI Design

Pre-built architecture design patterns

- Presentation, business logic & data

2. Code & Test

Immediate Code Validation 

- Higher code quality

Out-of-Box Components 

- Access management, user profiles, logging, web services integration, excel export….

Unified Management of Application Layers 

- Presentation, business logic & data

Shorter Test, Fix and Retest Cycles 

- Involvement of more functional resources that have a better understanding of the business requirements.

Platforms agility allows to quickly test, fix, publish and test again.


2x – 4x

Productivity Multiplier


2x – 4x

Productivity Multiplier

3. Promote to Production

Integrated Version Management

Integrated Configuration Management

1-click publishing

- Automatic creation of databases, compilation

4. Maintain

Easy Code Change for Enhancements

Easier Maintenance  - Visual Code, Debug and Analysis

Low Cost Ops

- Auto Instrumentation & Monitoring, Integrated Dev-Ops


2x – 4x

Productivity Multiplier


Rapid Proof of Concept (PoC) 

Want proof that we can accelerate your custom apps? We can build an actual working PoC app in days or weeks for you depending on the requirements. This is not a clickable wireframe. It’s a true functional app.   

Like most things, seeing is believing. Particularly with technology where there’s always complexity in assessing and understanding new ways to deliver outcomes. We get that. That’s why we know the best way to demonstrate a better outcome is to show you what’s possible specific to the problem you’re trying to solve.  

What can be built on OutSystems?

OutSystems is a low-code platform designed to build and deploy serious enterprise applications.  There are 6 key categories of applications that can be built on the platform. They are:


Operational apps for internal efficiency and productivity 


Customer experience apps 


Core System


Legacy migration & 


Mobile applications


Web apps and portals

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