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Rapidly Move From Prototype to Working Application

Deliver an Minimum Viable Product (MVP) faster than running an RFP process.

Experieco’s Digital Acceleration Program (DAP) is a proprietary method to accelerate the delivery of digital ideas for agile organisations. It combines a rapid design methodology with fast development technologies to transform concepts into working applications in weeks, not months.


1-3 week delivery

Applications can be built in 1-3 weeks with only a launch workshop and by refining the process through weekly sprints.


Low cost

The DAP typically costs between $10k - $15k, resulting in a functional prototype. It will have a limited licensed for production use which can be arranged separately.



The DAP can fast-track the build of native mobile applications with sophisticated functionality using pre-built functional elements. 


Modify prototypes easily

All applications built using the platforms harnessed during the DAP can be rapidly modified using graphical model-driven UI design tools.


Core web systems

Simple and complex core systems can be built using the DAP. More complex systems may require additional scoping. The DAP can also be used to enhance the front end and functional design elements. 


Prototype to Production

Using the DAP to develop a prototype application that will go into production must be considered from the outset. Experieco will outline all the elements and considerations.

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