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OutSystems Productivity Gains Realised by Experieco

Development productivity gains come from using Outsystems coupled with our mature Delivery Model. To illustrate this below is a diagram highlighting where the productivity gains are in each stage of the software development process.

1. Design

User Story Capture Integrated into Development Process

Template driven UX/UI Design

Pre-built architecture design patterns

2. Code & Test

Immediate Code Validation 

- Higher code quality

Out-of-Box Components 

- Access management, user profiles, logging, web services integration, excel export….

Unified Management of Application Layers 

- Presentation, business logic & data

Shorter Test, Fix and Retest Cycles 

- Involvement of more functional resources that have a better understanding of the business requirements.

Platforms agility allows to quickly test, fix, publish and test again.


2x – 4x

Productivity Multiplier


2x – 4x

Productivity Multiplier

3. Promote to Production

Integrated Version Management

Integrated Configuration Management

1-click publishing

- Automatic creation of databases, compilation

4. Maintain

Easy Code Change for Enhancements

Easier Maintenance  - Visual Code, Debug and Analysis

Low Cost Ops

- Auto Instrumentation & Monitoring, Integrated Dev-Ops


2x – 4x

Productivity Multiplier

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