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IT Leaders Dinner - Technology Transformation at scale

Join Darryl Munro (Head of Architecture, Silver Fern Farms) and Ivan Zvegintsev (Practice Lead, New Zealand Health Group), hosted by Experieco and OutSystems at 6 PM on Wednesday 19th June, for an evening of culinary delights at the renowned Azabu Restaurant in Mission Bay, Auckland.

The evening is an opportunity to connect with fellow industry leaders over a sumptuous sit-down dinner and hear from Darryl and Ivan as to how their organisations are undertaking significant, multiyear technology transformation programmes, and together we will dive into the invaluable insights and lessons gained so far, the strategic selection of technology, managing change and prioritisation as well as the envisioned outcomes they are aiming to achieve.

This dinner is sponsored by OutSystems, the leading enterprise low-code application development platform, which enables businesses to drive forward their transformation initiatives at speed, in a flexible manner with enterprise capability.

Don't miss out on this exclusive event, tailored for executives keen on revolutionizing their application stack swiftly and effectively.

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