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ISB Global Creates Mobile Application Allowing Remote Users to Carry the Power of SAP on Any Device

In just two months using OutSystems, ISB Global created and deployed a mobile application that allows users to carry the power of SAP in their pockets. With tight integration to SAP Business One, it provides remote and field employees the ability to record and monitor customer service requests via mobile and web devices. Its highly usable user interface design increases staff efficiency and reduces training needs because it offers a fine-tuned workflow free from the UI complexities of SAP.


“Our customers need mobile access to our SAP solutions for quick and real-time access to information.”

Challenge - ISB Global is a consulting firm offering business, systems, and technical consulting to the waste, recycling, and energy industries. ISB Global offers Waste & Recycling One (WR1), an application built to extend SAP Business One specifically for the industry.

Faced with a decentralized user base, a complex SAP user interface, and challenges with infrastructure, one ISB Global client, a large waste management company, challenged ISB Global to take WR1 mobile to reach 150 users spread across the UK and Ireland.
In fact, many companies in the industry were facing similar challenges, which is why ISB set out to create a truly mobile solution, integrate with SAP, and make it available on a subscription basis as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

“In two months with OutSystems, we were able to deploy the first version of Smart! World extending the power of SAP to mobile and web. OutSystems is a key component of our product development roadmap and its capabilities enabled us to build and deliver functionalities to meet our customer’s requirements and timelines.” 

Chris Williams, Managing Director

Why OutSystems?

Initially, ISB considered iOS and traditional mobile web development environments to deliver its mobile application. But given the architectural complexities of delivering a SaaS solution and the need to connect to multiple ERPs located at various customer sites, a traditional mobile development approach would have taken too much time and too many resources to develop and deploy.
With OutSystems, ISB found they could bring a mobile application to market in weeks due to the platform's off-the-shelf SAP integration and multi-tenancy capabilities.


“We’ve presented this mobile application to our customers and they love it!”

Solution - ISB developed an application they branded Smart! World. This highly usable SaaS solution manages customer service requests and presents them to field workers on any device. Smart!World is a 100 percent SAP-integrated cloud solution that renders only the data needed to complete a job as efficiently as possible, guiding users through the process.
Smart!World offers customer support staff the ability to register, monitor, and trace service call requests with real-time integration with the company’s on-premises SAP ERP. The mobile user interface is easy to use and available on all devices.

Solution Capabilities

  • Provides full-service call visibility to a wide user population across numerous locations

  • Creates service call requests

  • Enables fast service call entry and assignment for improved customer service

  • Visualizes key statistics in the service call dashboard

  • Integrates in real time with multiple instances of SAP Business One

“We are now the leading provider of fully integrated mobile solutions for the waste and recycling industry.”

Results - The first version of the mobile application, built with two developers, was live in two months. Smart! World offers a fine-tuned user experience across all devices for customer support staff, eliminating the need for training. In addition, the first ISB SaaS customer saved close to $300,000 in software and hardware in the first year after subscribing to Smart! World.
It is now an integral part of ISB market offering, and they envision significant further extension not only to their current customer base but also to the other SAP functional modules.

  • 2 months to create & deploy across all devices

  • No training

  • First customer saved $300,000 a year in software and hardware

  • Fine-tuned user experience for customer support staff

  • Real-time integration with SAP Business One

  • Potential to extend to full breath of SAP’s ERP

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