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Claims Tracking Made Easy: Insurance Portal Built Fast with Low-code Platform

AXA, the #1 ranked global insurance company, wanted to strengthen relationships with independent brokers by providing them with immediate online access to customer claims data from any device. AXA needed a new platform to drive legacy system modernization. AXA made brokers and customers happy (and reduced costs) by building an insurance portal for brokers in three months using OutSystems low-code platform.

“OutSystems enabled us to rapidly build a web-based portal for our brokers that helps them better serve their customers and eliminates unnecessary processes and delays.”

Chris Voller, Director of Claims

Insurance Portal Built with Low-code Platform ‘Insured’ Success for AXA

Challenge - AXA needed a broker portal, fast. Independent brokers with AXA Commercial Lines expected easy online access to their customer’s claim information from any device. Instead, they had to call AXA’s overburdened customer service center and wait on hold.

Concerned that brokers would move their business elsewhere, AXA called on its IT team to build an innovative insurance portal. But there was a catch – IT spent most of its budget maintaining existing applications and aging legacy systems. How could the IT team build a broker portal quickly, with limited resources, that could be accessed by mobile phones, tablets and PCs?

AXA’s IT team turned to OutSystems low-code development platform to help build enterprise-grade apps fast. They chose OutSystems for its:
Robust low-code development and deployment – Enabling agile development, testing, deployment and management of applications in an amazingly short time frame.
Open platform with no vendor lock-in – Ensuring a high level of comfort and portability.
Strength of integration – Allowing legacy systems to integrate with new applications through the low-code platform, enabling legacy system modernization.

Easy-to-Use Portal First Step in Legacy System Modernization

Solution - Armed with OutSystems, the IT team built the eServe insurance portal in just three months, about half the time it would take with traditional development methods. The platform enables the portal to integrate with AXA’s legacy system, an in-house platform based on Oracle and .NET.

Now brokers can instantly retrieve their customer’s claim information 24/7 from a desktop, tablet or mobile device. No more threat of leaving for a better broker experience elsewhere! And calls to customer service have slowed, allowing AXA to greatly reduce call center costs.

During the pilot program and again after rollout, brokers found the system intuitive and easy to use without special training.

"OutSystems enabled us to rapidly build eServe, a web-based insurance portal for our brokers that helps them better serve their customers and eliminates unnecessary processes and delays."

Chris Voller, Director of Claims

Even better, AXA launched a customer version of eServe that enables policyholders to directly access information about their claims – another boost to customer satisfaction.

Solution Capabilities

  • Real-time status tracking of insurance claims for 3000+ brokers

  • Clear identification of suppliers allocated to claims (repair shops, etc.)

  • Clear identification of the next steps and timelines in the claims workflow for each individual claim


Now, Digital Innovation is in AXA’s Future

Result - AXA plans to continuously improve the eServe portal using the low-code platform to provide additional benefits to brokers and customers. Since the platform is highly scalable, adding more brokers and more functionality isn’t a problem. And changes can be made without disruption.
Perhaps more importantly, OutSystems gave AXA the vision and means to achieve future legacy system modernization and digital transformation across the organization.

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