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Digital Enablement for Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector is strong in Australia and New Zealand supporting both domestic consumption and export trade, with significant contributions to GDP. Manufacturing represents businesses across a broad range of areas including food and beverage, dairy, meat, wine, beer, wood, paper, chemicals, refining, consumer goods and metals.

With such diversity within the Australian and New Zealand manufacturing sectors, it’s no surprise that the technology challenges are equally broad. Below are some of the more common areas the Experieco team can help manufacturing businesses.

Integrate Much Faster 

Getting multiple systems to talk to each other quickly and easily is essential in todays micro-service application architecture. Newer technologies speed up integration and process automation by as much as 60% or greater compared to traditional point-to-point or Enterprise Service Bus integration technologies. 

Identity Management As a Service

Security is key in the modern digital world. When you have multiple identity management access scenarios across your business systems you need to have a great solution. Experieco can help your team set-up and deploy Auth0 to keep your system access secure yet flexible and easy to manage.


Access Data Faster

Data is the new gold. We’ve all heard that. Getting access to your data though can sometimes be much more difficult than it needs to be. Our team can help engineer a number of solutions to remove barriers and securely access the data you need to remain a market leader.

Scale Better with Cloud

Both Azure and AWS Cloud services bring immense value to businesses enhancing the way they operate. Our team can assess your operations and make recommendations on better leveraging these to reduce cost and improve performance.

MS Dynamics for Core Systems

MS Dynamics provides high value ERP, Operations, Logistics and field service applications that can be configured or customised to your business. These applications can also leverage the suite of other Microsoft cloud services to deliver improved operational efficiency and lower your costs. 

Automate Routine Finance and HR Tasks

There are a multitude of processes across finance and HR performed by people that don’t need to be. These can be automated to reduce operational costs and/or relocate resources to higher value tasks. More importantly automation can speed up access to month end results, invoicing and much more.


Automate Your Processes

Throughout your business are processes performed by people. Automate the repetitive tasks and data calculations freeing up resources to focus on higher value outcomes. Depending on your existing technology stack, there are a number of solutions to implement automation.

Connected Factory - IoT

Connect and monitor industrial equipment and devices, including

existing machinery. The connected Factory is an implementation of Microsoft’s Azure Industrial IoT reference architecture that can be customised to suite your business. Talk to the Experieco team to find out more.

Connected Field Service

Ensure consistent and dependable operations by optimising the scheduling, despatch and resolution of customer service issues or work orders within required SLA's.

Predictive Maintenance

Take preventative maintenance to the next level by predicting

equipment failures and proactively preventing them using the Microsoft Azure AL & ML micro services.


Self-Service Portals

Digital portals can provide faster access to valuable data and enable self-service operations to minimise your in-house administrative workload. Portals can be a crucial part of enhancing performance and the experience for customers, suppliers and employees to make it easier for them to do business with you.

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