The Appnivity Experience

The Appnivity experience is a process designed to accelerate the end to end design and build of modern cross-platform web applications or custom forms. The process has four main elements.


Discovery and design 

Rapid discovery, Rapid Requirements gathering (functional and Technical), rapid concept, architecture and prototype.


Feature sprints 

Design Sprints, Development Sprints, QA Sprints.


Post feature sprints

Beta build, final development, release candidate, final Q&A.


Production Deployment

App launch (including app mobile/tablet market submissions if required).

Discovery and Design is part of the 1st phase of our Appnivity Experience and can be purchased as a discrete service as either part of your business planning to understand what’s possible and the associated costs or to augment you organisations own development team.

We use collaborative cloud based tools to workshop with our clients to rapidly capture functional requirements and user journeys whilst developing initial app design concepts. Depending on the size and complexity of an app this process can be 30 minutes through to 2 hours of time. A second workshop is usually required on the technical requirements where integration issues and complex source data discussion is uncovered. This is usually also a 30 minute to 2 hour meeting.

“Depending on the size and complexity of an app this process can be 30 minutes through to 2 hours of time.”

After collecting this information our Experieco team document the requirements and concept designs to create a proposal and statement of work to build the App or custom form. Where a prototype is required for our clients to visualise the app design as well as manage their own internal stakeholders this is typically done after the initial draft Statement of Work (SoW) and indicative pricing has been supplied.  Prototypes vary in price depending on whether Experieco is making changes to one of the company’s existing app designs or creating a complex prototype from scratch.   

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