Software development

For over 35 years our software development team has continually delivered solutions to digitally transform businesses though process automation, mobilising processes and improving operational efficiency. Our team has delivered over 500 projects across a multitude of industries in New Zealand and Australia.

OutSystems Practice – low code rapid application development

Experieco is committed to delivering exceptional solutions to our clients as they deal with digital transformation initiatives to modernise legacy systems, automate processes, improve internal operational experiences and design amazing digital customer experiences.  

“Collectively, Experieco is able to deliver 24/7 development services for our clients.”

Our focus has been to design services that genuinely increase the speed to develop software and lower the cost.  Our belief is businesses need to differentiate themselves and they can’t do this if they adopt off-the-shelf applications throughout their business. They still need custom software to be competitive.


Traditional software development has its place. It can’t be the only answer though for businesses to deliver cost-effective solutions, quickly.


We have a growing team of certified OutSystems developers as well as partners. Collectively, Experieco is able to deliver 24/7 development services for our clients where needed to further accelerate the development beyond the technology platform.

Traditional Coding languages

The team has a breadth of experience in coding languages, frameworks & technologies including, but not limited to the following:






React native

Adobe Cordova



Java Script

Testing Services

Our team prides themselves on designing and delivering high-quality solutions for our clients. Our testing services are crucial in this delivering function and our testers are continually challenged to improve and automate the testing process with a focus on continual enhancement.

Functional Testing

Test Automation

Performance Testing

Functional Testing

Website Tesing

Integration Testing

Compatibility Testing

Acceptance Testing

Test Management

Test Strategy & Planning

Application Monitoring

On-site Testing

Integration Services

The Experieco team has been building major custom workforce management solutions for decades. These systems required complex integrations into a multitude of other core systems to operate. This has built significant depth into the team from traditional SOAP and API integrations to new ESB solutions.


The team has a broad range of skills and expertise to ensure fast and efficient integration into any key systems where data is accessible.


With a similar approach to our development services, we understand our clients want speed and cost-effective integration services.  We are continually committed to sourcing solutions that deliver faster and more cost-effective outcomes for our clients.

Integrate to improve workflow and process automation

Integration between systems can be developed to gain a number of benefits. It can be to glue cloud and on-premise solutions together, access new data warehouse information, accessing business partner systems or improving customer experiences moving complete transactions into the digital world. Whatever the solution is for you, whether it’s an API, messaging or data-set integration we can design and build the right solution efficiently

Request a Demo

If you just want to see and learn more about what Experieco's processes and OutSystems can do for you in general, contact us to book a quick demo of how we accelerate software development. We can walk you through how the OutSystems technology works, demonstrate where you will get savings and how quickly we can help you deliver applications much faster than you’ve experienced before.

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