Built to rapidly respond to change

LinkFor: Covid-19 Edition has been built for the dynamic organisation. It truly is unprecedented times, and the need for a solution to be flexible should policies and laws evolve is essential.  

Linkfor is built on a low-code technology platform to accomodate rapid change.  

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Simple & easy monitoring of health & wellbeing

Linkfor has been designed to make it easy for authorised individuals or entities to see the necessary information related to individuals, schools, districts, boroughs or defined areas.  This can be related to reporting on who’s well and who’s not as well as how areas are performing to meet their compliance requirements.

Track Wellbeing for Students, Guardians & Faculty

The solution has been designed to enable the appropriate level of information is captured via students, parents, guardians, family members and faculty.  All to monitor and manage recommendations to individuals to comply with health and safety regulations for Covid-19 as well as general health and wellbeing.

Notifications and alerts

Linkfor has been built to enable alerts and notifications to be sent to both individuals as well as general broadcast messaging to a mobile’s desktop via push notifications. 

Recommendation engine

The solution has a recommendation engine that can advise specific health and safety recommendations dependant on the information supplied by an individual. This can range from advise to stay at home until contacted by a member of the faculty/a nurse/health worker, to get a test and stay home until the results have been collected through to advising the individual should go to school. 

Extensibility beyond Covid-19

Linkfor has been built on a technology platform to accommodate high levels of integration and extensibility to the solution.  It has an API function making it easier to present and consume APIs rapidly as well as ability to accommodate rapid customisation for larger deployments.

Optimised for Hybrid & Remote learning 

Linkfor has been developed to accommodate integration into student management systems (with a custom integration) and support hybrid learning scenarios where half the school may be required to work at home and half at school to accommodate social distancing polices. 

Security and Compliance

24x7 Support

 HIPAA & FERPA Compliant

 Intrusion Prevention

 Global Threat Intelligence

 High Availability 99.995% Uptime

Software Plans




CovidTracer Mobile App

Dashboard Reporting

Unwell Alert Notifications

Customizable Questionnaire feature

Customizable Alerts to students, guardians, and school staff

Import data for Students, Faculty, Buildings, Rooms, Grades 

Customizable Support feature

Customizable Equipment feature

Customizable Grade levels, Roles

Customizable FAQs

Customizable Groups for Hybrid Learning

Manual Visitor Log

Manual Temperature Reading

Manual Attendance

Manual Calendar

Integrated Visitor Log*

Integrated Attendance*

Integrated Calendar*

Integrated Temperature Reading*

*Integration requires additional one-off customization and integrations fees. Premium Tier pricing includes monthly integration support and option for Premium SLA.  Please inquire with Spruce Technology or Experieco for pricing, stating your interest in the Covid-19 wellbeing solution for schools.

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