Instant Insight App


An Instant Insight App is a web app that can be used on a mobile or desktop to accelerate access to key information or trends for front-line staff.  With multiple old and new systems within businesses, front-line staff are often faced with the challenge of accessing information in seconds when they are talking to customers to really capitalise on opportunities. 

The common problem we help solve

Instant Insight Apps are designed to solve this problem and enhance an organisation’s ability to have quality information support sales and service

When information is buried across different systems or in different sections of a large core system the ability to seamlessly identify up-sell opportunities can be nearly impossible. Instant Insight Apps are designed to solve this problem and enhance an organisation’s ability to have quality information support sales and service in front of front-line staff rapidly.  The solution can be used by agents in call centres, direct sales staff, executives who visit clients regularly, service technicians through to receptionists who engage customers and suppliers every day. 

The Experieco team has designed wireframes and prototypes as well as pre-built software assets to accelerate and lower the cost to build custom Instant Insight Apps.

The Instant Insight App is designed to

  • Provide instant information without the need to navigate core systems for frontline staff. The Instant Insight App is designed to augment existing systems where frontline staff have an issue navigating multiple systems to get information, or when a system takes too long to navigate to get quality information or insights that would enable a richer customer conversation. The Instant Insight App is designed to provide rich customer information to users at a glance without any need to navigate more complex core systems or undertake complex training.

  • Enable frontline staff to access information about a customer, rapidly identify up-sell opportunities (or any problems a customer may be having) in seconds.  This gives your staff the opportunity to really maximise the value of time spent with customers to create additional revenue growth.

  • Improve customer experiences as frontline staff have rich information at the fingertips faster, so customers feel they are receiving a higher quality service experience.

  • Reduce staff system training requirements by enabling a modern simple intuitive UX experience to augment often complex ‘cockpit style’ complex User interfaces for common service practices.

Key design features

  • Browser-based technology, not reliant on device Operating Systems.

  • Highly secure.

  • The design enables users to be able to launch additional customer service experience apps right from the Instant Insight App to accelerate other new revenue opportunities, instead of driving customers to your generic website.

  • Customisable to adapt to the unique systems and processes within a business.

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