Automate & enhance your Business Operations  

Automate & enhance your Business Operations  

We’re experts when it comes to enhancing operation

Digitising and automating your business processes and operations is often related to either driving operational efficiencies or maintaining your competitive advantage. Either way it’s imperative that you think through any automation initiative carefully.  Simply digitising an existing process or operations may not be the right thing to do. Some consideration is often needed right sized to the complexity of the challenge. It may be an old and less efficient process that needs redesigning rather than just automating the existing design.  You also need to consider the frequency of change likely in future as this will be a consideration around the technology to fulfil the automation. If you foresee higher frequency changes in future you want to make sure that modest changes can be made quickly and at a relative low cost.    


Process Automation

Whether it’s automating a manual process or redesigning an old digital process it’s important that you make it easy for you business to make future changes easily.  Experieco is skilled in complex process automation having decades of experience to draw on.  


Legacy Modernisation

Whether it’s augmenting an older system with new capability or completely modernising an old core system or team has significant experience to help your organisation.  


Process Automation

Many organisations have excel spreadsheets performing critical steps in complex process calculations to deliver there propositions to customers.


Where excel has grown over time into a core system that needs to be replaced with a supported application with the right user experience our team can help. 



Many businesses are using well designed Portals as a tool to augment the limitations of aged core ERP and critical systems to present a market leading experiences to their customers.


Experieco has had significant experience building solutions for iconic companies to augment SAP, Infor and other bespoke solutions to achieve new digital experiences.


Field Services

For companies that rely on field service staff whether it’s related to logistics, performing services or any variation Experieco has deep experience.


In a modern digital world field services is often directly related to 


RPA replacement

Low-code integration technologies for unattended (server) based integration and integration is a much better alternative than RPA.  There are several benefits that overcome the long term challenges associated with traditional RPA automation. Talk to our team to find out more.


Pre-built Automations

Workato has 100s of pre-built automations specifically built for HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Support and IT that can all be leveraged or modified further to suit your organisation. Ultimately accelerating business automations and outcomes.


Field Services

Workato has pre-built integrations with 1000’s of SaaS apps, databases, AI services, APIs and more. All without the need to code. You can also use your own SDK to easily build your own connectors.


RPA replacement

If multiple systems need to be integrated to accelerate your automation of operations there a several choices.  There are low-code integration tools, traditional ESB tools, point to point custom integrations and containerised API’s complementing a micro-services architecture.  Talk to our team to find out which is best for your organisation.


New Applications & Systems

When new applications are needed to improve operational efficiency, either to replace legacy or augment our team has deep experience.  Whether your organisation has invested in Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP or other core systems we can help you out.