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Integration and Automation Services

In a modern digital world, the demand for digital experiences is only increasing exponentially, driven by the necessity to maintain market competitiveness with high expectations from customers and suppliers around quality and real time service experiences. Rapid delivery of digital experiences is now a strategic advantage for an organisation.


Application development platforms (aka) low-code platforms, have come a long way over the last 5 years and there’s a number of platforms recognised in the category of enterprise low-code technologies. As expected, they differ in the types of use cases and complexity they can support.


Most low code platforms can build simple smart forms, quickly surface common data models, or build basic presentation web and mobile apps. However, most businesses want a technology solution that will cover a broad range of use cases - for enterprise grade, simple to complex application scenarios, with scalability, security and agility.


Experieco’s key value to our clients is in designing and delivering core critical systems with simple or complex logic, great UI/UX interaction and often multiple integrations, into the wider enterprise environment.

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Why Experieco?

Experieco is a trusted advisor and partner to many iconic ANZ businesses having successfully delivered a range of integration and automation development projects over the last 20+ years.


Some of the key factors highlighted by our customers which contribute to our success include:


Highly experienced development organisation with 20+ years delivery expertise

Certified design and development teams on our key platforms and technologies with many successfully delivered projects

Mature agile delivery model optimising speed, quality and cost

Competent range of services and skills covering design, implement and run

Flexible engagement model covering co-delivery with training & mentoring to full turnkey projects

Robust quality and data security management

Experieco key Technologies for System Integration and Workflow Automation

Experieco has built considerable expertise in custom application development over our 20+ year history. In our on-going quest to find optimal solutions for our customers, we are always evaluating new technologies and approaches to meet our customers’ needs while also meeting our ever-tighter speed, quality and cost objectives.


Particularly over the last 5 years, customers’ expectations for compelling engagement and faster speed of change has dramatically increased. This, combined with the increased array of core systems and web services customers use, has driven an even greater need for application development and integration capability and productivity.


This ‘’Need for Speed’’ has bred a new set of technology capabilities including low-code platforms (a.k.a modern application platforms), cloud development services (AWS & Azure) and higher productivity traditional code (high-code) including React, .Net core and C#. Experieco has experience with all these technology solutions and can help customers rapidly evaluate the best technology solution for your application development projects that complements any key technologies you already have in place and is best suited to your application needs and delivery objectives.

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Workato integration platform to accelerate enterprise integration and automation

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Microsoft Power Platform

Develop less complex integrations and simple workflow quickly and easily with MS Power Platform


Accelerate application development and integration using AWS or Azure cloud services


React and .Net Development

Traditional coding frameworks such as React, .Net, .Net core, C# and Java using agile methodologies to build modern web and mobile applications

Our Rapid Discovery Session, demonstration services and Proof of Concept solution delivery services are some of the ways we can assist you to understand and evaluate the best technologies and how we can optimally deliver your digital business outcomes.

Rapid Proof of Concept (PoC)

Want proof that we can accelerate your custom application development? We can build an actual working PoC app in days or weeks for you depending on the requirements. This is not a clickable wireframe. It’s a true functional app. ​Like most things, seeing is believing. Particularly with technology where there’s always complexity in assessing and understanding new ways to deliver outcomes. We get that. That’s why we know the best way to demonstrate a better outcome is to show you specific solutions for the problem you’re trying to solve.


Book a 30 Minute Discovery Session

What application development technology is the best fit?

  • Discuss the range of capabilities required for your UX/UI and the complexity of application logic, workflows and other critical features to determine the technology capability fit.

  • Explore suitable approaches for your legacy app modernisation.

  • Learn how global enterprises are using modern application platforms to deliver enterprise grade applications and the benefits they are achieving.


Our Discovery session is tailored for IT professionals & Solution Architects to focus on your specific concerns and objectives. Expedite your qualification of key functional and non-functional requirements to support you in making a rapid decision. Outcomes from this session include high level application solution design and development estimates.

Schedule Discovery

UX experts ensuring intuitive navigation and responsiveness, combining design trends with corporate styles to foster brand recognition.

Mature agile delivery process with certified Scrum Masters to guarantee in-time & on-budget delivery.

30+ developers (60% are Seniors), Technical Leads with 8-15 years of experience.

Project Managers with 5+ years of expertise; customer collaboration & reporting toolset.

Experienced Solution Architects to formulate best application architecture design – ensure modularity, performance, reliability and easy change management.

KPI-based progress and quality control (Lead/Cycle Time, Service Availability, Stakeholder Satisfaction, etc.).

QA engineers to ensure compliance with quality and security standards.

Quick project start.

Experieco Integration and Automation Capabilities you can Count on

Experieco’s Integration and Automation Development Services Scope

Experieco provides end-to-end services to cover all aspects of application development and implementation including design consulting, development and testing, security services, integration with other cloud and on-premises apps and app infrastructure management.


  • Structuring and elaborating on your high-level application concept

  • Suggesting innovative feature ideas based on the analysis of your functional and non-functional requirements

  • Generating initial UX and business process flows

  • Understanding integration requirements

  • Understanding persona requirements

  • Developing application Proof of Concept if required


MVP Scope Planning

  • Generate development plan for initial minimum viable product (MVP) with sufficient critical features that can be released in the shortest time

  • Generate subsequent development and management roadmap with a release plan for future phase enhancements


Application Development

  • Back-end development

  • Front-end development

  • Integrations with other software

  • Unit test and deploy to QA

  • Agile development method with typical 2 week sprints

  • Daily standups, end of sprint showcase

  • User story management and backlog grooming

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  • Reviewing high-level functional and technical requirements for the application and selecting the best technology considering:
    - Existing client tech stack & platforms
    - Tech capability to meet requirements
    - Speed, quality and cost constraints

  • Deciding on the optimal integration approach

  • Generating high level estimate and release timeline

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Architecture Design

  • Designing application architecture that meets availability, performance, security, portability and modularity objectives

  • Ensuring architecture will support future technology upgrades and modernisation

  • Leverage reusable components and accelerators pre-built by Experieco

  • Designing integration and automation approach for in-house systems and 3rd party services

  • Designing a cloud infrastructure


QA & Testing

  • Test planning and script creation

  • Regular code reviews

  • Unit testing

  • Conducting functional, integration, regression, exploratory, performance, usability, compatibility, security testing

  • Test automation

  • Release testing in case of iterative development

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Business Case

  • Estimating the expected TCO of your application and exploring ways to optimize it

  • Estimating the expected ROI of your application taking into account business benefits

  • Scenario planning where applicable for determining optimal solution approach

  • Assisting as required with business case preparation


UX/UI Design

  • UX research as required including review of objectives, brand, industry and competitor analysis

  • Persona development and User Journey workshops to promote engagement and a delightful experience

  • Designing UI wireframe clickable prototypes for key flows with customers branding & themes. Ensure an intuitive digital experience for the customer

  • Iterative review with customer and prototype updates


Support and Evolution

  • Application, infrastructure and platform (where applicable) monitoring & administration

  • L1 - L3 application support including emergency fixes

  • 7 day x 24 hour support if required

  • Change requests and enhancement planning and development

  • Modernisation of technology and infrastructure components as required

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"It’s not the BIG that eat the small… it’s the fast beating the slow."

– Jason Jennings & Laurence Haughton

Business Speed Series

Experieco has produced a series of five insight papers examining how application development and integration has dramatically changed to support the increasing need for agile change.


Enjoy Rich Applications

Optimised for Web and Mobile


Experieco is ready to deliver your web and mobile applications designed for high security, performance efficiency and operational excellence with optimized TCO.

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