Speeding up Integration and Process Automation

Speeding up Integration and Process Automation

Accelerating Business Outcomes with Microsoft

There are a number of tools for organisations to accelerate and mange integration of core systems all with different strengths. Experieco has adopted a powerful enterprise low-code integration technology into our portfolio of solutions that is heralded as a market leader by both Gartner and forester Research. This technology harnesses AI and uses visual UI tools to accelerate both integration and process automation. The accelerated delivery can be greater than 60%  faster than alternative technologies. Experieco is experiencing a growing demand of the newer integration technologies to augment existing solutions, particularly for integration of SaaS / Cloud applications and where process automation is also a requirement. Talk to our team to find out more.

Increased Speed with low code

Newer integration tools are delivering up to 60% increased productivity. This is achieved by simplifying the tasks performed by a developer leveraging low-code principles and harnessing AI to speed up tasks. 

RPA replacement

Low-code integration technologies for unattended (server) based integration and integration is a much better alternative than RPA.  There are several benefits that overcome the long term challenges associated with traditional RPA automation. Talk to our team to find out more.


Enterprise Power

Experieco’s Workato Integration and Automation technology is Enterprise grade. It’s regarded as an Enterprise iPaaS leader according to Gartner and Forrester Research.

Workato offers AI, Bots and much more.

The technology also has Intelligent data loss prevention built in.

More Simplicity

With increased demand to integrate more and highly dynamic systems environments enterprises are looking at powerful tools that make the challenge of integration easier. Experieco have adopted technologies that enable an enterprise to integrate and make changes without the need to for a highly skilled and expensive third party professional.  

Pre-built Automations

Workato has 100s of pre-built automations specifically built for HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Support and IT that can all be leveraged or modified further to suit your organisation. Ultimately accelerating business automations and outcomes.

Pre-Built integrations

Workato has pre-built integrations with 1000’s of SaaS apps, databases, AI services, APIs and more. All without the need to code. You can also use your own SDK to easily build your own connectors.