Digital Acceleration Program (DAP)

Digital Acceleration Program (DAP)

Deliver a MVP faster than an RFP

Experieco has developed a cost effective way to accelerate delivery of digital ideas and concepts. The DAP program is a combination of a rapid design methodology as well as the use of technology that’s AI assisted to accelerate the development of prototype/conceptual ideas into working applications for an organisation to test and validate their ideas. 


This process is designed for the agile organisation who wants to use the process of building a rapid prototype to accelerate gathering requirements using the actual application for end users to better visualise their needs rather than spend months on gathering documented functional requirements.


Rapid – 1 -3 week delivery

The DAP approach is to accelerate the delivery of a prototype that can be used to help gather end user feedback and requirements much faster. Applications can be built between 1-3 weeks typically following a launch workshop and weekly sprints throughout the process to refine the applications.


Low cost

This DAP process typically costs between $6k - $10k for a working functional prototype.  The prototype is not licensed for production use though.   If that is desired there is a process to enable this.



The DAP process can accelerate the build of native mobile applications with sophisticated functionality.  It’s does this harnessing AI and pre-built functional elements.  


Modify prototypes easily

All applications built using the technology platforms harnessed by the DAP process can be rapidly modified using graphical model driven UI design tools. 


Core web systems

Simple to complex core systems can be built using this prototype process.  If the system is more complex the process may require additional scoping beyond the typical DAP application to cover off architectural, integration challenges or other dependencies. Or the process can just be used to enhance the front end and functional design elements as part of an accelerated functional requirements process.  


Prototype to Production

If it is desired that the DAP program is to deliver a prototype application that will eventually go into production this must be considered from the outset. The Experieco team will outline all the elements and considerations that to enable the reuse of the prototype into a production application.