Appnivity Platform


Building configurable custom applications can provide businesses more flexibility with their application assets to leverage software investments.

The common problem we help solve

The Appnivity platform provides a solution to build configurable applications using either pre-built or custom widgets.


  • If you are frustrated that your business builds a lot of applications but doesn’t leverage or re-use your software investments as much as you should, Appnivity provides a solution to do so.  


  • If your organisation doesn’t want to use a configurable forms solution as the design options are too limiting and not suitable for client facing experiences. Instead, your organisation wants great looking custom forms that are highly designed as they are customer facing artefacts.

Talk to one of our experts to get a demo of the Appnivity platform and see how it can help your business. 


Not every custom form or App may be suitable to be built on Appnivity. We do an assessment and if there isn’t the ability to leverage the reusability and configurability of an Appnivity App within your business a traditional custom build may be a better solution.  

Key Appnivity Platform Features

  • Apps built on Appnivity are on a configurable App framework sitting on Microsoft Azure and accessing Azures Micro Services. 

  • Apps are built from modules (widgets) that can easily be re-purposed across your organisation in other applications.

  • Applications can be cloned in under 10 seconds to enable modification or variants with ease.

  • Simple edits and layout changes can be made to Appnivity apps in a meeting with Experieco using low code design/editing tools.

  • That platform accelerates building custom cross-platform apps or making new apps that are a modification of an existing app by leveraging pre-built modules.

  • The Appnivity Platform has prebuilt monitoring, reporting capability.

  • The Platform has DevOps features and capability for application lifecycle management.

Applications where Appnivity can really benefit

  • IoT apps where building IoT app capability in modules makes the re-usability of software for deploying other IoT applications high.

  • Contract and Construction companies who need custom field force Apps to fulfil on a large contract that wants to be able to leverage common software elements more across other large contracts.

  • Enterprise clients looking to innovate regularly wanting to make sure their applications are built in a modular way enabling the easy re-use of this capability into other Apps the business may want to explore.

  • Custom applications that may have a user base that grows within a business warranting multiple variants of the original App. 

  • Custom Forms where components of the form built in a modular way enable an enterprise to re-use the software investment

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