About Us

We’re a passionate team who are focused on making is easier and faster for businesses to digitally transform customer experiences, operations and core systems.

The business has a rich history of delivering the latest game changing solutions over several decades.   We are proud to be part of such a legacy and continue to build on this every year.   Below is a sample of the notable milestones the company has achieved excluding the day to day applications we deliver for our clients.

1971 - Founded - The company was founded as ECONZ in 1971.

1986 - Navman v1.0 (IOT) - ECONZ developed the intial Navman product. Navman went on to become a global technology business purchased by Brunswick Corporation (USA).

2000 - America's Cup - In conjunction with Virtual Spectator, we built pioneering telemetry technology to surface data from boats / buoys into visualization software.

2002 - NZAA & NRMA Core Systems - We built the Call Taker, Job Dispatch and Field Service systems that today handle millions of transactions. This was the start of a long term focus in field services.

2003 - E-Service - The company built a productized a Job Management solution that was sold in NZ and the USA over 15 years.

2007 - Smart Parking - We built the initial Smart Parking Technology now used by Airports and Councils around the globe.

2015 - Workforms - The company launched Workforms a highly configurable off-line field services app for enterprise.

2015 - Experieco - The company changed it’s name and logo from ECONZ to Experieco. This was to reflect the focus on digital experiences.

2016 - Appnivity - Experieco built it’s own low-code platform. The platform focused on PWA and front end apps.

2018 - First OutSystems Practice in NZ - Experieco signed up to become NZ’s first OutSystems service partner.

2019 - ATOS Partner - Experieco signs to become ATOS partner to resell their AMP Asset Management solution built on OutSystems.

2019 - OutSystems 2019 Partner of the Year - Experieco’s investment into OutSystems and leading partner in NZ is recognised with this award.